Framed Paintings For Sale

Ascension Angel

The Angels bring so much wisdom and blessing into our lives.

I am often reminded that the outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so a good place to start is to focus on the beauty within ourselves, our good qualities, our kindness and gifts.  Surround yourself with the things and the people with beautiful vibrations for we are all touched and influenced by that which is around us.

“My eyes filled with tears as I saw my Tree of Life for the first time. I immediately felt a profound connection to the universe. When I look at this amazing art work, I always find something new or an emotional response to explore. My heart fills with healing energy and I feel a connection to the infinite and eternal circle of Life.”

Valerie P

Maureen is truly a talented artist whose work connects with the deepest part of your soul. I have two of her paintings in my office. They are so beautiful and inspiring that I feel as though I am in the presence of angels when I look at them. 

Gay Barnette


Goddesses…The Divine Feminine

The Goddess brings unconditional love into our lives. When we call upon her she gently reminds us to let go of all self- criticism or self- blame. She tells us this life is to learn and to release old patterns, allowing your heart to expand. Bring your masculine and feminine sides into balance and experience the beauty and joy of oneness. Call upon the Divine Mother and she will bath you in the golden light of unconditional love.

Quan Yin- Goddess of Compassnion

“Maureen met with me to discuss what my vision was for my Tree of Life. She was then able to create a beautiful painting that met my vision and exceeded any expectations I had. Maureen is a talented artist who loves to create for others.”

Jenna C-N

Orbs…. Angelic Beings.

I began painting the Flower of Life pattern around 2010. It’s beautiful geometry was so compelling. The Flower of Life pattern is the connecting of circles to form a flower. As students of sacred geometry will know, the Flower of Life is connected to the Seed of Life and the Tree of Life.

Personal Photo Readings

If you have a photo you would like to have read please submit to my email address    after completing purchase.

The best photos to get a good reading should be one that you have noticed a particularly beautiful lighting or you have been moved by the photo in a personal way. Some of the best readings are photos taken at night when the camera can pick up beautiful presences that are more difficult for the camera to pick up in the day light.

That being said there are photos  taken during the day that one can clearly see magical or otherworldly presences. Please send up to 7 photos.  Sometimes I am not able to see anything but if the photo has meaning to you that is in of itself  the message. More and more people are seeing these beautiful images as the earth is rising up and the veil is being lifted.

“What an angel you are! “The cards, messages, and photos are perfect. I especially resonate with “nectar”. I am so closely aligned with nature and now I visualize the “nectar of healing.” Thanks for the gift!

The orbs remind me that I’m never alone.
Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friend.”

Linda Dierks