Personal Oracle Card Reading


Personal Oracle Card Readings

Orbs are such a mystery to us , they seem to be messengers of hope from the higher realms. I have had friends ask me to send them photos of the orbs and request a personal message for them.



Although I do not interpret the message for them the recipient can interpret the message themselves. I can provide a little coaching to nudge the person into deciphering the message. Remembering everything is a mirror or reflections of ourself. What we see is the truth of who we are. This revelation can begin to open our own doors to healing and wholeness and bring us to embodying our own beauty.

In this personal reading, which includes the Orb photos, I use Oracle cards that comprise messages from Angels, Divine Mother/Goddess and other Beings from the higher realms. I will include a short write up of the messages from the Oracle cards.

If you need assistance with interpreting the Orb photos, I will be available to assist, but again it will be your own inner knowing that will be awakened.

All readings are protected by Divine Mother.


“What an angel you are! “The cards, messages, and photos are perfect. I especially resonate with “nectar”. I am so closely aligned with nature and now I visualize the “nectar of healing.”

Thanks for the gift!

The orbs remind me that I’m never alone.
Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friend.”

Linda Dierks