Personal Photo Readings

More and more people are seeing these beautiful images as the earth is rising up and the veil is being lifted.   

Personal Photo Readings

If you have a photo you would like to have read please submit up to 7 photos to my email address  after completing purchase.

The best photos to get a good reading should be one that you have noticed a particularly beautiful lighting or you have been moved by the photo in a personal way.

Some of the best readings are photos taken at night when the camera can pick up beautiful presences that are more difficult for the camera to pick up in the day light. That being said there are photos  taken during the day that one can clearly see magical or otherworldly presences. Please send up to 7 photos.  Sometimes I am not able to see anything but if the photo has meaning to you that is in of itself  the message. More and more people are seeing these beautiful images as the earth is rising up and the veil is being lifted.

Maureen Ellen Carroll

Personal Oracle Card Reading and Orb Photos

Orbs are such a mystery to us , they seem to be massagers of hope from the higher realms. I have had friends ask me to send them photos of the orbs and request a personal message for them.

Although I do not interpret the message for them the recipient can interpret the message themselves. I can provide a little coaching to nudge the person into deciphering the message. Remembering everything is a mirror or reflections of ourself. What we see is the truth of who we are. This revelation can begin to open our own doors to healing and wholeness and bring us to embodying our own beauty.

In this personal reading, which includes the Orb photos, I use Oracle cards that comprise messages from Angels, Divine Mother/Goddess and other Beings from the higher realms. I will include a short write up of the messages from the Oracle cards.

If you need assistance with interpreting the Orb photos, I will be available to assist, but again it will be your own inner knowing that will be awakened.

All readings are protected by Divine Mother.


“What an angel you are! “The cards, messages, and photos are perfect. I especially resonate with “nectar”. I am so closely aligned with nature and now I visualize the “nectar of healing.”

Thanks for the gift!

The orbs remind me that I’m never alone.
Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friend.”

Linda Dierks

Below Please Find Some Examples of Photo Readings

Standing in the Light

Standing in the Light (high exposure).  The person who took this photo is standing in the light.  The light is coming from the photographer.  The message:  You are a way shower, shining your light.

Orb – Pronouncing the Gate

Orb – Pronouncing the Gate (high exposure). The Orb in this photo is dramatically  focusing your attention on the gate.  The message:  You are being shown the way, through the gateway.   No questions need to be asked, it is clear.


Gateway  (high exposure). The Orbs are directing your attention to the gate, all attention points there.  Lots of energy in photo. Notice the very soft partial circle in the left upper part of the photo.  Loving Mother energy.  Message: You are being gently  reminded to move through the gateway. There are many energies helping, but most importantly  the Great Mother energy is there to protect and assist you.

Surrounded by Angels

Surrounded by Angels  (high exposure). Beautiful angels are surrounding this tree as well as the Great Mother presence in the right upper corner.  This tree is a guardian tree to the people that live in the house next to it.  Message:  Heavenly presences are protecting you.

The Awesome Fox

The Awesome Fox (original photo). This is a photo taken in daylight and it is full of magical signs.  The fox appears to be jumping out of a hidden/invisible place from the  base of the tree.  Perhaps the home of fairies.  There are transparent lights all throughout the photo, perhaps the fairies themselves.   A small golden orb can be seen some distance in front of the fox…. What might that be?  Message: This is a magical place where the fairy kingdom reigns.  You will see more and more of the magical world as the future blossoms and enfolds her beautiful gifts.