Angels – Goddesses – Orbs

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Each painting is colored with the highest quality Winsor & Newton professional water color paints. Arches Cold Pressed 300 lb water color paper is used to provide a heavy and solid foundation for multi layered paint applications. Winsor & Newton removable liquid masking fluid is applied and layered in between colors. This allows for the magical multilayered colors that is similar to the effect of Indonesian batik art work. (When living in Indonesia in my 20’s, I took some classes in batik fabric painting and it influenced my work ever since). The masking fluid is later removed and the painting then is filled in with color where needed. Finally most paintings are sprayed, very carefully, with Winsor & Newton iridescent medium to give it it’s special sparkle. Many of the paintings have imperfections due to the nature of the painting style which the artist believes adds to the work. Some of the water color paper is carefully torn to size and then mounted onto final placement before framing.

All works have a double mounted frame in white or off white to accentuate the framing. Frames are beautifully put together by a master framer. If the customer is not completely satisfied they can return the painting and a reimbursement (minus the down payment) will be provided without delay.

Maureen Carroll