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Maureen Carroll  [Watercolors and Oils]
P.O. Box 519
Chappell Hill, TX   77426

Tel: 832-465-8992

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About Maureen Ellen Carroll

I am a foot soldier for our Divine Mother Mary and a Pure Light Alchemist. My wake-up call began in September of 2018 on the beach of El Pescadero in Baja California. The great Pacific Ocean and the Planet Venus were there to usher me into the first glimpses of the heroic journey ahead. (The Hero’s Journey that we are all asked to participate in). On that beautiful night on the beach in Mexico I was surrounded by Orbs, angelic beings who are supporting us in the Ascension of Humanity.

As the unfolding of the Ascension and Awakening is occurring on our beloved planet Earth, my path becomes clearer. Listening to the voice within and trusting the synchronicities, opens us up to our highest calling. This path, where gentle nudges from spirit and nature speak to us and light the way.

I am devoted to Mother Mary, but recently I have been guided to call upon all the guides that are supporting me and wish to assist us in this magnificent journey. When I first received my “marching orders”, I was very unsure and frightened about all the supernatural visitations I was encountering. I knew in my heart that I was to embark on this journey so I made a declaration that only if it was to help humanity. Slowly and surely, it has become very clear that this was the mission all along. A promise to assist humanity in the Ascension process.

My clarion call was only recently announced and I know I have not yet fully embodied the fullness of the task. In order for us, humanity, to ascend we must heal all that has been traumatized and all that is artificial; in other words, all that we have learned living in the false matrix. There are many of us here to assist humanity in the ascension process. I know the Orbs and other Higher Light Beings are here to assist us as well. We have been enslaved on the planet Earth and it is time we release the shackles and become Masters of our own Destiny.